A stubborn cat, a perfectionist marketer, and a problem-solver designer. Who are we?
The team that will help upscale your pet brand and make your audience meow for more.
"The outcome is 100% original and unique. Our customers love it. 
Since the beginning of the project, we felt professionalism. don Gata studio listened to our needs, heard our thoughts, offered input, and delivered a personalized quote.
It resulted in a 100% perfect project. It excessed our expectations, and the result was better than we imagined.
Thais e Gisele Xavier​​​​​​​, Pet Fun Design
"Without a doubt, I'd recommend working with them, and I'll do it again myself for future projects.
Working with Don Gata has been a pleasure. 
Natacha is amazing, tries to understand what you need and has a lot of expertise. 
She is very helpful and always finds a way to make your ideas a reality."

Monica Grau, Cat Guide
Natacha Oliveira: Communication Designer
Natacha Oliveira: Communication Designer
Tiago Leão: Digital Marketer
Tiago Leão: Digital Marketer
This adventure started with the pandemic.
Like every self-isolated couple away from family and friends in 2020, we were craving some emotion. Barely did we know that we were in for a treat.
We found out from some friends that a stray cat had given birth to three nuggets, and they were looking for a home. We weren't considering adopting, but the more we looked at the pictures, the more we fell in love. 
Natacha wanted a male cat and Tiago was leaning towards adopting a female cat, but was on board either way. 
And so we got Nico. He was a loving biscuit machine infested with fleas, so we knew for sure that we had made the right choice.
Months went by, and it was time for Nico to be neuterThe surprise came by mid-day. The vet called us, letting us know that, as it turned out, Nico wasn't
a HE at all! She managed to fool all of us up until that moment. 
Yet, she was still the biscuit machine that we adopted, and we weren’t about to give up on her based on her gender. 
Fast forward to us being inspired by this story and our love for cats leading us to the mission of helping pet businesses, creating our studio and naming it don Gata.
1. We have 10+ years of experience in design, marketing and communication combined. We have worked with different clients and brands and will bring that experience to the table to help your brand.
2. More than working for our clients, we like to work with them. We will bring you on board along the way because your feedback is important, and no one knows your brand better than you do.
3. Strategy comes first to us. We do love to make beautiful work, but our goal is to make it effective for your clients.
4. We love what we do and aren't afraid to show it. We will get excited, emotional, and happy that you put your trust and your project into our hands. As a result, we will share your project and root for your brand even after the project is over.
5. Before ending your project, we will provide you with all the tools and training to continue growing your brand and getting amazing results.
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