36 days of Type is a digital project that invites graphic artists, illustrators, and designers to interpret and explore the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet.
It’s a yearly open call where participants are challenged to design/create a letter or number for 36 consecutive days, to showcase various perspectives on how to think about the same symbols.
The goal of the projects is to be an homage to typography and its endless possibilities. In 2022, it was the first time that don Gata decided to experiment with this challenge as a side and personal project.
Even though 36 days of Type is a typographic experiment, we wanted to use a medium that we love to incorporate each time we can, such as illustration. 
We decided to go with cats to showcase not only our passion but also to demonstrate that there is a multitude of body-shaped cats, disabilities, stages of life, and breeds that are equally beautiful and deserve love and respect.
We experimented with different colors and palettes but ultimately ended up staying true to don Gata’s brand identity.

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