Milly & Me Handcrafted Pet Products is a Canadian company that produces natural handmaid pet products for cats and dogs, owned by Jessica Rucker. Jessica wanted to organize the brand’s social media profile on Instagram by using highlights that would catch visitors’ attention.
don Gata studio developed an icon set for the company’s Instagram page, exploring some of the most sought topics from customers while keeping in mind the brand’s identity and core personality.
Pet treats, bandanas, reviews, press, and the ambassadors’ program were the chosen subjects that we illustrated for the icons.
Social media
Social media plays an important role in today's brand presence, especially in establishing and growing online communities that serve as ambassadors and supporters.
As a result, it’s important to keep up to date on visuals, trends, and the overall digital opportunities that platforms such as the Instagram presents.
Although apparently small along with a curated biography and profile thumbnail, using customized icons on the highlight section can have a huge impact on how the brand is perceived. We wanted to elevate the brand, so we suggested a newer and more mature color palette on both the icons and throughout the entire profile.
Our goal was to take inspiration from the logo and incorporate more texture to create an artisanal/handcraft feel. We also chose to illustrate the icons manually instead of using geometry to accomplish that goal.
We chose a few elements that would translate well onto a smaller scale and combined them with warm and natural tones that make the icons fun and inviting.
The combination of these elements makes the set unique, personalized to the brand, and nails the vision that Jessica had for this set.

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