Nom Nom is a cat treat brand born during the pandemic. A family-based brand that is anything but boring - much like the felines that eat these decadent treats - Nom Nom brings a new feeling into the pet food industry.
Targeted for millennials and Generation Z, Nom Nom is presented as a sassy, fun, and in-your-face kind of brand. Something that we rarely see in the pet industry.
We developed the concept for this project, designing its complete identity. We started with the costume type and combined it with different taglines to make each flavor unique with personality and characteristics.
Our goal was to distinguish this treat brand from others, appealing to our audience. After several studies, we opted for a tertiary color palette frequently used by online companies to appeal to a younger audience but far from being seen in the pet food market.
From the start of the project, we knew we wanted to make Nom Nom stand out in all of its touchpoints. Packaging shouldn’t be any different. 
We drove inspiration from ice cream cups and opted for that sort of package. That way, the brand stores, and presents treats in a way that stands out in the pet food hallway at any store.
The package lid presents crucial information about this treat brand being suitable for all cats. The remaining package shows additional knowledge about feeding and storage instructions.
To complement the brand even further, we also developed several custom delivery box designs as well as catchy feeding bowls.
Billboards and posters are standard touchpoints because they have a proven record of how they impact and pique consumers' curiosity. 
So besides using social media marketing to launch and promote this new brand, we also opt for using high traffic areas such as the metro subway stations and busy streets.
By showcasing a mixture of the packaging with custom quotes and photography, we were able to maintain the look and feel of Nom Nom.
Social media marketing
Social media plays an important role in today's digital brand presence, especially brands that want to appeal to younger audiences.
Nom Nom wants to establish itself as a memorable brand, easily identified and recognized by its followers and consumers. A long-term strategy with diverse posts ensures that the brand becomes top of mind on its niche and communicates effectively. 
Bold quotes, playful photography, and vibrant colors enrich the brand identity and ensure profile consistency. At the same time, the combination of these elements and the introduction of new ones will ensure that the Nom Nom profile stays dynamic and fresh as the brand evolves and grows over time.

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