Jack’s Spa & Caffé is a destination for millennials and their pets with two areas.
At the spa, there are massage sessions, grooming appointments, and overall well-being treatments. 
While waiting for their pets, the customers can lounge in the caffé enjoying a cup of coffee and a bite to eat, or they can browse for accessories and merchandise at the shop. This space brings together like-minded owners who share similar tastes and a passion for their faithful friends.
At don Gata studio, we developed the concept for this project, designing its complete identity. We started with the costume type and created several other iterations to make the brand diverse and unique. 
Our goal was to distinguish both areas but still make the brand feel cohesive and put together. After several studies, we decided to create Jack, the dog, and differentiate him slightly for both areas.
We decided to use the brand’s elements separately to make packaging more interesting and diverse. We alternated between the illustrated dog with the coffee cup for beverages and the logotype for food packaging.
For the spa area, we used the dog as the main focus point. Custom labels and patterns are what differentiate the space products from competitor spaces. We wanted to highlight the spa area and its products while keeping them on brand with the remaining elements from the shop.
From the storefront to the caffé walls and all that comes in contact with the customers, there’s a chance to create a unique moment. That’s why every piece of brand material has to be designed with care, having a strategy in mind.
Something that could easily be neglected or dismissed can put a smile on someone’s face. When envisioning mugs, menus, and everything else, we used the color palette to make each piece unique and fun, creating little Insta-worthy moments. 
Besides color and the combination of elements, a thoughtful and carefully written copy was also crucial to convey personality and communicate in a way that customers could appreciate and bond with. 

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