Pet Fun Design is a Portuguese company that produces pet furniture for cats and dogs, owned by Thais and Gisele Xavier. The owners approached don Gata Studio with the challenge of designing their online store, which launched with their new product collection.
We were responsible for their new website, icons for their online store and social media, and a QR Code and landing page combination for the company's packaging.
 When the founders of Pet Fun Design reached don Gata studio, the company had recently gone through a rebrand to reflect the new direction and future of the brand. 
They wanted to preserve their personal and unique closeness to their customers but elevate it so that the brand could reach new markets and customers with higher incomes.
We opt for keeping their brand colors to enhance certain pages and features on the website and keep the tone of voice informal and warm.
The website serves a dual purpose - an informative place to explain the company's philosophy, values, and goals - and an online store launching current and new products.
Responsive, clean and easy to navigate is how testers classified the platform. Additionally, both founders and current customers loved the aesthetics and how it differentiates from other standard-like online pet companies and stores.
Social media icons
In parallel with the new website and the recent rebrand, don Gata studio developed a set of icons for social media.
The goal was to use these assets to communicate product characteristics, company values, and goals and to ultimately unify the graphic language on all digital platforms.
The design took into consideration their logo's construction and minimal approach. The result is cohesive and unique to Pet Fun Design's brand.
QR Code & landing page
Another issue faced by Pet Fun Design was the waste of paper used to print assembly and care instructions for their products. To avoid that, we developed a custom QR Code - printed on their shipping box - that would thank customers for their purchases and show them, with the help of videos and small text cues - how to put together and preserve their new pet furniture.


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