This is a brand identity and packaging for a fictional Brazilian pet company named NaturalPet and it's sub-brand NutriPet. This company produces healthy and sustainable food for cats.
NaturalPet wanted a straightforward packaging design for their wet cat food that would communicate clearly and differently from their main competitors. 
The design should be attractive to their target, highlight their food's benefits and quality, and build brand trust.
For higher impact, it shouldn't follow the same design pattern used by competitors - photograph images of cats and food.
Brand Identity
Besides the packaging project, NaturalPet also needed a refresh on their brand's identity assets.
The new main color and logo communicates their premium feel while also keeping it edgy, modern and competitive within the Brazilian Pet market.
Neutral background, geometric illustrations, and personalized icons give NutriPet a unique personality that it's simultaneously premium and approachable. Besides the Brazilian market, NutriPet could also stand out within the European cat food market.​​​​​​​
Besides designing the package for the primary flavor - chicken with peas and carrots - we also expanded the graphic language so that, in the future, NaturalPet can launch other flavor options.
Packages would keep their neutral background, and new illustrations would be present to communicate other flavors while maintaining the same visual language and communicating as a unit.
Product expansion
While developing the concept, we also worked on ideas to expand it to other products, such as dry cat food. The main goal was to have a common unity while, at the same time, making it different from the wet food line.


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