don Gata stickers was a project that we developed simultaneously to our brand identity. 
We knew we wanted to spread awareness about our studio. What better way than to create a set of illustrations that represent what we love (cats) and to whom we want to appeal (pet brands)?
We decided to create minimal and playful stickers that could be used not only by us but also by anyone else that identifies with them.
Our goal was to distinguish our brand from other studios or agencies that work within this niche while, at the same time, continuously providing free assets for others to enjoy.
Social Media
We use social media daily to communicate with our clients, reach new audiences, and showcase our work.
Our choice to create animated stickers for Instagram stories wasn’t by chance: we identified a gap in themed pet stickers and decided to contribute with colorful and relatable pet options.
After this set was released, we continued to iterate and develop new stickers with seasonal themes such as fall, Halloween, Christmas, and new year’s eve.

other projects

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