Fun, tropical, and cheeky, Don Pagayo is a brand for those that love their feathered friends.
Inspired by parrots and their diverse personality, it’s an online store that sells food and toys for parrots and exotic birds.
don Gata was in charge of developing Don Pagayo’s brand identity, translating its attributes into visual assets. We conducted extensive research on parrots and exotic birds to develop the logo and a vibrant color palette used throughout digital and printed elements.
After iterating and testing different styles, we landed on a parrot with smiling features and an inviting and bold presence.
Social Media Marketing
Social media plays an important role in today's digital brand presence. Don Pagayo wants to establish itself as a memorable brand, one that is easily identified and recognized by its followers and consumers.
A long-term strategy with different signatures and diverse posts ensures that the brand becomes top of mind on its niche. 
Bold colors, playful photography, and vibrant illustrations enrich the brand identity and ensure profile consistency. At the same time, the combination of these elements and the introduction of new ones will ensure that Don Pagayo’s profile stays dynamic and fresh as the brand evolves and grows over time.
Packaging is a crucial touchpoint, especially for brands new in the market and without a physical presence. Through packaging, brands can enhance the consumer experience, creating a positive and long-lasting perception, even after purchase.
To develop and design effective packaging, we took into consideration the elements we previously developed for the brand, making sure two main goals were considered. On the one hand, each individual package should be unique but still communicate the brand. On the other, the set needed to have enough variation yet look like a cohesive unity.
Effective content is as part of the brand presence. It helps establish an effective presence and differentiate from its competitors, especially in saturated markets.
In Don Pagayo’s case, we develop two assets that communicate two different sides of the brand and serve as a template for future initiatives and materials. The appreciation card translates Don Pagayo’s personality and social presence, establishing the brand more than a product provider.
Contrarily, the newsletter appeals to the commercial side of the business, enticing consumers to try samples of the product in hopes of developing a loyal purchase subscription.

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